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My mention of this planned book produced some worthwhile responses. I should say now that, while reasonably far advanced, it’s not yet certain to be published. The arrangement with my US and British.

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Lord Archer is lamenting the fact that he has never won a literary. You’ll never win the Nobel now, Jeffrey.

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Naturally the news of the setting up of the Blair Foundation has. it is hardly surprising that Archer has gone on to be the success that he has. And now we hear his next literary effort is a gospel.

calls ‘The Book of Luke’, more generally known as the Gospel according to St Luke, the 24 th Chapter) Something about the weather and the sky at this time of year, combined with my good fortune in.

That is why I have to discipline myself into choosing and continuing, as far as is possible for fallen man, to live according to my choice. I don’t and can’t know. I am left with faith. That’s why.

So, Lord Archer, what first led you to write a vindication of a man who has been "branded a traitor, a thief and a man willing to accept bribes"? Of course, it may be quite unfair to suggest that his.

RUMOUR has it that, when they first enter Parliament, new MPs are provided with a pocket Bible rather than an old-fashioned cyanide pill, and are told to wave it about and quote from it liberally in.

Two Religion Clauses In The First Amendment The committee met in London and a first draft of the new charter is expected to be ready for wider consultation and review by. Before considering in detail the development of the two religion clauses by the. in which he declared that it was the purpose of the First Amendment to build “a. This "Clause"

Fresh from his triumph at Dubai’s Emirates Airline Literary Festival, Lord Archer popped up in Sharjah to mark the opening of the Emirate’s book fair. His role was to open the London Book Fair stand.

That is why I am so fond of Christ’s rebuke to Judas, and the account as a whole. The passage is as follows: The Gospel according to John, 12th Chapter, beginning at verse iv; Mary (not Mary Magdalene.

While we rage and fret about the terrorist outrages of today, how quickly we forget the horrors of the recent past. I can’t see why. The grief, loss and pain don’t diminish as the years go by. For.

Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer of Weston-super-Mare (born 1940) is an English author, former politician and convicted felon. Alongside his literary work, Archer was a Member of Parliament, deputy.

A tricky sell, even for Lord Archer. The novelist led the auction for last night’s City Fine Wine Challenge at RIBA, in aid of Childline. One lot wouldn’t leave the ground. It was the hot-air balloon.